Friday, June 8, 2007

Daily Update - 8 June 2007

Day 14 Post-Op.

Masinja is supposed to come home tomorrow! He's having a sleep study done, and if everything looks good, he should be on his way home. Nothing is ever concrete, so we're still waiting with anticipation, but it's happy anticipation versus scared anticipation. It's nice to feel good stress for the first time in a long time.

We'll definitely let everyone know if he comes home tomorrow.

That's pretty much all for today.



toni said...

congratulations mommy and daddy!
you better get a good night sleep.
he may sleep good at the hospital but as soon as he gets home ,it could be a different story, new enviroment ,babies sense alot more than we think. but im so excited for you guys give that beautiful little boy a hug and kiss for me. as soon as i feel better (i have been having alot of problems after having nico) im going on a shopping spree for little mason just let me know what size he is. love you all.

TinkRBell said...

I'm hoping that since today is the 9th and there hasn't been an update that you're busy at home with Mason. What great news! Hope the sleep study went well and that YOU are ready not to get some sleep for a while ;-) The best piece of advice I ignored the first time around and guarded ferociously the second time around is, nap when the baby naps. It's the only way you can keep going. Don't try to fill the hours he sleeps with cleaning, laundry, cooking, entertaining, etc. You'll need your rest as much as he needs his. I'm so excited for you, I hope you're all home together tonight!!!