Sunday, June 10, 2007

Daily Update - 9 June 2007

Yea, I'm 21 weeks old today, and I get to celebrate it by actually coming HOME!

Masinja finished his 140+ day ninternship today. He's finally home with us and it feels awesome and weird all at the same time. We've gotten so used to visiting him at the hospital that we can't really believe he's home.

This will be the last daily update. I will go to weekly updates on his progress. Spending time on the computer will play second fiddle to my boy. I didn't get much sleep with him in the hospital, and I feel like I'll probably get even less now that he's home.

That's all for today.



Beck said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooo happy you finally have him at home!!!! Now all the really fun stuff begins...good luck, congrats, and I really wish I could meet him face to face! Your doing a great job!

Amy H. said...

I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!

TinkRBell said...

Hooray for Mason !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is such great news for you. I hope you have some leave days left to stay home and enjoy all the craziness and sleep deprivation that comes with the first few weeks at home. Looking forward to the weekly updates. :-)

danirey1 said...

We all miss you guys bunches!

danirey1 said...

We all miss you guys bunches!

Kristen said...

YAY! Oh my gosh, I'm so excited for you guys...I will hopefully get a chance to speak with you soon!