Monday, May 14, 2007

Daily Update - 13 May 2007

Masinja has rec'd all of his immunizations. (They were actually spread out over 3 days) He seems to have done well with all 3 of the shots.

He was a little fussy when we were feeding him today, and actually proved a little difficult to burp. The nurses even had a little trouble with him, so we'll be watching his progress. We've had to get used to holding him a certain way for him to eat, and sometimes it makes it difficult with all the extra tubes and wires he's currently sporting.

That's all for today.



TinkRBell said...

Maybe he just didn't want to burp. Sam was a big "anti-burper" ... sometimes he would, othertimes he wouldn't. We would give him about 10 minutes of quality burping time, and if he didn't burp, we moved on. You may have an anti-burper on your hands, esp. if he's drinking slowly enough that he's not sucking in a lot of air with his feedings.

Amy H. said...

Hey! Don't worry about it. In time he will learn to burp, and you will learn teh position he likes to be in when burping. Right now it is hard with all the tubes and wires. I am so glad he is doing well and good luck with his move today!