Monday, May 28, 2007

Daily Update - 27 May 2007

Day 2 Post-Op.

Masinja had an ok day. He's getting really hungry and showing his dissatisfaction with being unable to eat. It's a little heartbreaking to see him so upset. I held his hands and pacifier for about an hour last night trying to calm him down, so he would go to sleep. They ended up having to give him a sedative, because he was so unhappy. We're really hoping that he can start eating before the 7 days pass.

That's all for today.



TinkRBell said...

here's hoping the eating embargo ends soon ... there are few things less fun than a hungry baby who isn't getting what he wants. hope everything is healing well and that Tylenol and her friends continue to keep him good company until the discomfort passes. Going home just around the corner sounds great to me!

Curtis said...

From a Balad Buddy...
I'm with you on the get home thing. I hope he is already eating, but if not only two more to go. My prayers are still with you.