Thursday, May 24, 2007

Daily Update - 23 May 2007

Great news! Masinja no longer requires oxygen support! The nasal cannula has been removed, and all we see now is his normal baby face.

His surgery is scheduled for Friday afternoon. We're ready for him to be put back together, so he can actually be more comfortable, and get that much closer to actually coming home. It will be nice to hear him down the hall, instead of down the street.

That's all for today.



Kristen said...

That's so awesome!

toni said...

yeah! he will be home in no time at all. im so happy for you guys. love you all.

TinkRBell said...

way to go, Masinja! hope today's surgery is going well.

Beck said...

WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's great! I love hearing good news!