Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Daily Update - 30 April 2007

Today is 100 days in the NICU for Masinja.

He "graduated" to the "healthier" baby section. He's still in his crib and seems pretty happy. He took 2 bottles today, and can already burp with the best of them. He did have trouble keeping his body temp up, so we had to wrap him in extra blankets.

On a different note, his ostomy surgery was postponed indefinitely. The doc wants the neurosurgeon and the pediactric surgeon to do all of the work at the same time. Well, the neurosurgeon won't commit as to whether or not Masinja needs a shunt, so we're in limbo for the moment. It's ok, because he's still eating and getting stronger, but we were hoping that he'd be on track to come home in June... looks like that's no longer a reality.

That's all for today.


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