Sunday, February 11, 2007

Daily Update - 11 February 2007

Pretty eventful day again today. Masinja's condition has only improved slightly. He's receiving another blood transfusion, and is on sedation/paralyzing medicine so he can stay calm. He's still lying on the right side with hopes his lung will drain. We're not sure of any intervention, if any, can be taken if his situation worsens, but that's something we'll have to tackle as it comes.

Madelinja was pretty spunky today. Her attitude is starting to show through, and she is definitely her "mother's daughter." She gave the doctor a fit when it was time to change her ostomy bag and get cleaned up. I had to hold Madelinja's left arm and leg down so she couldn't interfere with her maintenance. She wasn't very happy about that, and if she had a door to slam, she would have stomped down the hall and slammed it. She did calm down after that, and the doctor drained another 25cc's of fluid from her brain. It was still pretty dark, but it'll be a while before it becomes clear like it should be.

On a happy note, I did get to hold Madelinja in my hands today when the nurse changed the linens on her bed. Her diaper had leaked and T.M.M. changed it, and then the nurse changed the bedding, so T.M.M. held the vent tube and wires and I held Madelinja. It was pretty awesome and I can't wait to hold her for real. I was a little scared, because she's so tiny and fragile, but once I had her in my hands I was very happy.

Well, that's all for now. We're just waiting to see what Masinja's course of action will be. We're hoping he pulls through this lung issue in the next day. We'll let you know what happens tomorrow.



Amy H. said...

How are the two of you holding up? Madelinja definetly sounds like her mother's daughter, with the temper, T.M., you better watch out. I will say an extra prayer for Masonija and his lungs! Wish I was closer to give you hugs! Love you all!

toni said...

stay strong mason will pull through
all you can do is keep loving him and praying. im glad to hear madelyn is doing well. i will keep praying for you guys. i love you all.