Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Daily Update - 13 February 2007

Masinja's swelling has gone down a lot. He's almost looking normal again, which is nice. He still has some puffiness, but he should be ok in another day or two. He's still on the oscillator, and will probably be on that for a while. We'll see how his lung recovers, and that will determine if he returns to the other ventilator or not.

Madelinja is also doing fine. She's starting to really recognize our voices. She had her eyes wide open when I was talking to her, and she got upset when I left to go and talk to her brother. She was actually closing her eyes when I stopped talking, as if to go to sleep, but opened them right back up again when she heard my voice. I'm going to have to whisper a lot when we finally get them home, otherwise they'll never sleep.

As far as their brain drains, Masinja is doing better than Madelinja. They only got halfway done with his draining today and quit, because they only pull until a certain point. They're going to wait until Thursday to drain him again. They took another 17cc's off Madelinja, so that's 87cc's total in the last 4 days. It's still dark, so we'll see where it goes from here.

That's all for now. Talk at you again tomorrow.


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toni said...

im glad to hear mason is doing so much better.madelyn is going to be a smart one. im going to keep on praying for you and those babies. love you all