Sunday, February 18, 2007

Daily Update - 18 February 2007

Masinja had a really good day today. He's doing well on the oscillator, and hopefully will be ready to start eating this week. We'll find out about that soon, and let you know.

Madelinja was having a rough time on her vent, but the doc changed the settings so that it would automatically adjust to her breathing pattern, and she seems to be doing a lot better. She still has her little attitude, but that's fine as long as she keeps fighting.

They drained another 15cc's from her brain reservoir today, but didn't drain anything from Masinja. They should both be getting the cranial ultrasounds this week, so we'll see what kind of progress they've made.

That's all for today.


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Beck said...

I can't help but worry about you guys and those little babies. Just know that I am constantly praying for you guys and so are all my friends here and their families. I hope the cranial ultrasound goes well. Love you all!