Monday, February 12, 2007

Daily Update - 12 February 2007

Masinja looked a little better today. His swelling has gone down a bit, and it seems his lung is coming along well. He doesn't have to be on sedation anymore, and was resting on his tummy when we left him tonight. He still has some fighting to do, so if he keeps up the good work, he might be fine in a couple of days.

Madelinja is also doing well, although, she hasn't slept much in the last 2 days. She seems to think that she's missing something, because every time T.M.M and I go to visit, her little eyes are wide open. She also seems to get agitated now when you tell her "goodbye". She got upset tonight, and started throwing her arms and legs around when I told her I would see her again tomorrow. They both clearly recognize our voices and presence.

On a growth note, we had them both measured tonight. Masinja was 14" and Madelinja was 13.5". They've both grown in length, but Masinja still looks a lot bigger than his sister. I think it's because she has her legs curled up most of the time.

Not much else to report today. Until tomorrow.



toni said...

glad to hear everyhting is coming along and thebabies are doing well. hope you and cheri are taking care as well. love you all

TinkRBell said...

I love the commentary about their emerging personalities, and I was happy to hear they both had better days :-)