Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Daily Update - 27 February 2007

I got to hold Masinja up while the nurse changes his linens today. I also got to change his diaper. He weighed in at 3lbs 1oz! He's actually putting on some weight now, which is nice to see. He looked a little swollen around his face and neck, so he looked a little weird, but he's doing fine. We're still waiting on a surgery date, so hopefully everything will be coordinated soon.

Madelinja was her usual quiet self. T.M.M. got to help change her linens and diaper. She's also gaining more weight and is 2lbs 6ozs. She still looks tiny compared to her brother, but she's ok with that.

That's all from here.


P.S. On the photobucket page, there are folders above the 2 pics you see of the Twinjas. Click on the folders to see more pictures. The folders are labeled by the date the pictures were taken.

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