Monday, February 19, 2007

Daily Update - 19 February 2007

The Twinjas had their cranial ultrasounds today. The doctor still needs to look at them, but the technician said they look like there hasn't been further damage, so we'll have to see what the doc thinks tomorrow.

They also had their first eye exams today. The doctor said it's too early to tell if they have any problems. Our main concern is a prolonged stay on the ventilators, because too much oxygen can affect their eyesight. We'll have to find out when their next eye exam will be.

They ran dye through Masinja's belly today. It was moving a little slow, so they were going to try it several more times through the night. We're hoping that all goes well, so they can start feeding him soon. We'll let you know the results tomorrow.

Other than that, Madelinja seems to be doing well with her new vent settings. She hasn't had as many problems today. Masinja continues to rest peacefully, too.

That's all for today.


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Amy H. said...

Hey guys! I can't wait to find out what the doctor said about the ultrasound. We love you!