Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Daily Update - 20 February 2007

Yea! The Twinjas are officially 1-month-olds today!

The cranial ultrasounds yielded some positive results. Both Masinja's and Madelinja's ventricles are smaller, and it seems the fresh blood that was coming out of Masinja's drain was a result of how the reservoir is sitting, and not indicative of additional problems. These things don't mean they're out of the woods, as it will still be a while before we know if any damage was caused by the hemorrhaging.

Masinja's feeding has been postponed. The dye test showed a small leak in his bowels. The surgeon wants to wait 2 to 3 more weeks before doing anything major. They're still hoping it will heal itself. They'll be keeping a pretty close eye on his progress, and hopefully he'll still avoid surgery.

Both seem to have jaundice, and will be put on meds to help cure it. They were under the tanning lamps for a while, but it seems like the meds will be the better way to go.

Finally, even after all this stuff, they're still hanging in there and getting some rest. He was sleepy tonight, while little girl was showing some attitude. They're both good little fighters, and they're doing a good job with what they have.

That's all for tonight.



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toni said...

wow 1 month old already. im glad to hear all the test results were positive ones. i will keep praying for you all. love you all.

Beck said...

Happy Birthday Babies! I can't believe it's been a month already! Much love to you guys!

Amy H. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! Thanks for the daily updates!