Monday, February 5, 2007

The first Twinja post


Here's our first post to the Twinja Chronicles. This will be our daily journal of events in the lives of Madelinja and Masinja. They have a long road of Twinja training left, but with good progress, they could be home in 3 months.

Myself, the Twinja Master, or the Twinja Master's Master, will be posting to this, so stop back often and see if you can guess which one of us is musing. We'll definitely add pictures and such, so you can see them here, or continue to go to the photobucket link I've sent you. Choose wisely.



Darby said...

What a great idea! I look forward to reading the Chronicles! I've enjoyed keeping my own blog, it is a great way to remember the every day details of life with kids!

toni said...

im glad your doing this. now i dont have to go crazy wondering how everyone is. i love you all

Amy said...

Hi Ninjily (Ninja family) ~

I am really glad you're doing this as well ... M&M are fighting bravely ... I bow to their strength and courage ...

TinkRBell said...

Master -- I can see the blog great, but the force is too strong here to see the other website where the photos are ... even the Army has that blocked. Pls be sure to post some pics here when you get some time. Love the Ninja theme, glad to hear M&M are making good progress in the initial stages of their Ninja training.