Friday, April 13, 2007

Daily Update - 12 April 2007

Masinja is down to 21% oxygen on his vapotherm, which is basically room air. They're slowly lowering the pressure settings now, so we'll see if he can come off the vapotherm soon. The doc is also looking to remove his reservoir, because they pulled what they thought was a stitch from his incision site, and it started oozing a bit. It seems his reservoir has taken the same road as Madelinja's. We should find out Monday what's going to happen with it, otherwise he's just a happy baby.

Madelinja is doing well on her vent settings. She seems to be working more. The only time it seems that she's riding the vent is when she's in a deep sleep. They are suctioning her more often now, and it seems to have helped with her attitude. She's a lot more peaceful and seems to deal with the vent tube a little better.

The doc changed the way they're feeding the Twinjas. She's put them on a 4-hour cycle. They eat continuously for 3 hours, take a 1-hour break, and then start again. This helps them with their digestion and seems to be keeping their residual to a minimum. Madelinja is getting 20ml an hour, and Masinja is getting 21ml an hour.

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