Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Daily Update - 3 April 2007

Masinja had a pretty boring day. He was just chilling out and sucking on his pacifier. His feedings were increased to 13ml an hour, and his vapotherm settings were lowered. He actually didn't pee on anyone or anything, either. A good day for the little guy.

Madelinja had a better day than Monday, but that's because they're sedating her as needed. She's been having some "don't touch me" moments, and gets really agitated. Her vent settings are pretty steady at this point, but we're hoping they can start to lower them a little. She's still getting 5ml every 3 hours, and they're looking to increase the amount tomorrow.

That's all for today.


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toni said...

im so glad to hear all is well. how much do they weigh now and how long are they? they have to be growing pretty quick now that they are both eating. well im gonna continue to pray for you all. i love you guys