Monday, April 16, 2007

Daily Update - 16 April 2007

Masinja had a busy day. He drank 12mls of formula from a bottle today! He did fairly well with his bottle, and we're actually going to start using some of T.M.M.'s milk for them now. They're going to mix it with the formula, and then work their way to using just the milk.

They both had cranial ultrasounds today. The neurosurgeon is not going to remove Masinja's reservoir. He said it looked fine, and that it didn't need to come out. He still hasn't decided if Masinja will need a shunt or not, so we'll see what happens. Madelinja, on the other hand, is definitely getting a shunt put in this Thursday. She still has a lot of residual blood clot in her ventricles, so the shunt should help remove that and get her regulated. We'll let you know how the surgery goes.

They both had eye exams again today. Masinja's good for another 3 months, and Madelinja gets another exam next week. She seemed to be ok, but they're going to follow up again to make sure she continues to make progress.

That's all for today.


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TinkRBell said...

Progress is good -- we love to read about progress!!! T.M.M.'s milk is a HUGE step. Hooray for the Twinjas!!!