Sunday, April 1, 2007

Daily Update - 31 March 2007

Yea, we're 10 weeks old today!

Today was even better than yesterday. Masinja had another "forgot to breathe" episode, and actually freaked his nurse out a little. They had to bag him for a minute until he came back up. They upped the pressure on his vapotherm, and he seems to be doing better. He's up to 12ml of formula an hour, although they had to stop feeding him for an hour after his episode.

Madelinja got started on saline solution feedings. She gets 3ml every 3 hours to see if they can get some movement in her bowels. T.M.M. got to feed her the saline solution, and give her a bath. Madelinja was doing fine until they went to wash her hair, and then she had a fit, so we decided we could wash her hair later.

That's all for today.


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