Sunday, April 8, 2007

Daily Update - 7 April 2007

Yea, we're 11 weeks old today!

Masinja had another boring day. He was so bored, he managed to shove both of the prongs from the nasal cannula into one nostril. We also think he's messing with his ostomy bag, because the nurses are having to change it a lot. Maybe he's pushing the doc to put him back together again?

Madelinja had a good day. She's up to 11ml of formula per hour, and is no longer on TPN/Lipids. She's still having minimal attitude, which is also nice. They're working on lowering her vent settings, so maybe she'll be able to go on a vapotherm like her brother soon.

That's all for now.



Veronica said...

It is great to see that there has been so much progress with the lil ones!!! Thanks for keeping us posted!!!

Crystal Woods said...

Glad to hear the Twinja's are doing well. We're thinking and praying for them. I've been reading the blogs for a while now and just got a username to comment. Took longer than I wanted but hear I am. We got the Thank You card. That was very sweet. Thanks. I would love to come and visit again whenever it works for you. God Bless!

Beck said...

YEAH I am so glad to hear that they both are doing well! I check in on here all the time just haven't had time to leave a comment. I am constantly thinking of you guys and am hoping that all is well! Much love to both of you and the babies!

Amy H. said...

Hey! Ia m glad to hear that everything is going so well. I hope you had a good Easter. The twins first Easter, even though they weren't home with you I am sure it was still special. Happy Easter you guys and Love to you all. You are in my thought and prayers.

TinkRBell said...

It's nice to hear that things continue to progress in the right direction. Masinja is becoming quite the master with his all of his medical equipment. I bet you can't wait to get them home. I've been so happy to read about Madelinja's progress with the feeding and her corresponding weight gain. Hope all of the Neubauers had a great Easter! Cheers, J