Sunday, April 22, 2007

Daily Update - 21 April 2007

Yea, we're 13 weeks old today!

And what a 13-week celebration it was... Madelinja had another surgery today. She wasn't doing that great this morning. They put her back on the oscillator, because she wasn't doing well on her oxygen saturation. She also wasn't ready to eat again, so the doc decided they needed to put in an Broviac catheter in order to feed her through an IV again. All her little veins are used up from having so many IVs, that they couldn't find another good one to use. She came through the surgery ok, and was doing alright when we left her. It's pretty rough right now, but she's a fighter.

Masinja had a good day. He was a little fussy, but nothing major. He's starting to figure out how to cry and make more noises than just a grunt. The nurse said that he also knows when it's time to eat, because he made noise until she came over and fed him. He seems to be getting more alert every time we interact with him.

That's all for today.


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