Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Daily Update - 24 April 2007

We've decided that we're going to continue the blog. This blog is about our babies, not us, and we don't want everyone to miss out on Masinja's progress, as he's the most important thing on our minds.

Masinja had a good day. He took 26ccs from a bottle today. That's almost an ounce of milk in 15 mins. He's getting 1.5oz every 3 hours, so he's on his way to being steadily fed from a bottle. His ostomy surgery has been pushed back until the week after next. We'll let you know when we get a solid date. T.M.M. and I both held him today, and he was resting comfortably when we left him tonight.

We asked the doc about his seizures, and he was pretty sure they were linked to his hydrocephalus. His brain is still regulating itself, so they're just going to try to counteract the seizures with medication and adjust as necessary.

All of Madelinja's arrangements have been made. We'll be having a memorial service for her on 4 May. We'll celebrate her short, but ever so huge life, and all the love and joy she gave us. We want to thank everyone again for their support, because this has been the roughest time, but we know that we'll get through it somehow.

Finally, we've started a page for Madelinja on the March of Dimes website. You can find it here:


If you'd like to make a donation in her name, just follow the links on the page. She'll be very proud of you.

That's all for today.



Amy H. said...

I wish I could be there on the 4th, but my thoughts will be with you, as they are every day. I love you guys and if you need anything, please let me know.

Kristen said...

I'm glad you decided to keep going - this is my first stop every day when I get to work!! Take care of yourselves!!

Robert said...

Hey guys,
I have added links for the blog and Madelynn's March of Dimes page to the church website. I hope you know that you are in our prayers... If there is anything you need, just call...

Beck said...

I love you guys and am thinking of you during this hard time. Your on our prayer tree.