Saturday, March 10, 2007

Daily Update - 10 March 2007

We're 7 weeks old today! Yea!

I put up some new pics:

Just click on the folders; They're labeled by date.

Well, I jinxed us by saying that Madelinja had minimal attitude yesterday. She had a difficult day. They were feeding her 1ml of formula every hour, but she wasn't processing it, so they stopped feeding her. She got really MAD! She's been a troublemaker all day, and had the doc pulling his hair out. She was doing ok this evening, but her vent settings were up pretty high.

Masinja is doing ok. He still seems a little agitated, but only when they were moving him around. Otherwise, he seems to be tolerating things well. His vent settings were actually down a little bit, so that's good, too.

Well, that's all for today.


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toni said...

hey guys i looked at the new pics and i cant believe how they have grown. they are so beautiful. i love you all and im praying for you.