Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Daily Update - 13 March 2007

Madelinja is now on 2 antibiotics to help with her lung infection. She's also on sedatives to help keep her calm. Her oscillator settings have been lowered and she seems to be a lot more comfortable.

Masinja is still doing well. He is up to 2ml of forumula an hour, and will be moved to 3ml if he tolerates his current level. He seems to be pretty happy, and has been resting well. Now, he just needs to get fattened up so we can ween him off the oscillator, and get him back to the regular vent. Once he's back on the regular vent, they should be able to ween him off the ventilator completely. We just hope he keeps making solid progress.

Well, that's all for now.


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toni said...

thats really good news about mason. i hope all goes well with madelyn. i will be praying for you all. i love you guys