Monday, March 26, 2007

Daily Update - 24 March 2007

Yea! We’re 9 weeks old today!

Madelinja had a quiet day. She’s being weaned off her sedation and minus a few temper tantrums, is doing well. Her bandages were removed and they put steri strips on her incision. She’s a little bruised and swollen, but nothing abnormal considering the extent of her surgery. We’re hoping that she’ll be eating sometime next week.

Masinja, on the other hand, had an eventful Saturday. T.M.M. held him in the afternoon, and they had fun just rocking together in the rocking chair. I went to hold him that evening, and it got a little hairy. The nurse put him in my lap and he didn’t seem very happy, so they turned up his vent settings. He started getting really fussy, so we decided to put him back in his bed, and his vent tube came out. The nurses all scrambled to get him intubated again, but he wasn’t having it. He flailed and held his breath, and turned about 3 different shades of blue. They called the doc, and she put him on a machine called a “vapotherm”. It’s similar to the nasal cannula, but gives him a little more support. He was pretty happy with the vapotherm and was actually sucking on a pacifier later that night. So, all ended up well, but not before he gave our ulcers a run for their money.

That’s all for today.


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