Friday, March 9, 2007

Daily Update - 8 March 2007

Masinja was doing fine today. He was resting pretty peacefully, and is still projected to start feedings next week. As soon as his ostomy is functioning properly, the feedings will ensue.

Madelinja is doing fine, also. It appears the bump on her stomach is nothing. Apparently we misunderstood about her reservoir, too. The neurosurgeon actually said it looked fine, and that he didn't need to remove it. The doc drained 25ccs off it, and won't drain it again unless it's absolutely necessary. The color is now a lot lighter, almost like a green tea, compared to the original cholocate color. The protein levels are also down, which is good. They're actually testing it to see if there's an infection, so we should find out the results soon.

Well, that's all for today.


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Jacqui said...

Hello, you might not know me, I'm Jason Hibbard's cousin. I've been reading every single blog entry & looking at every single picture since your little fighters have been born. I was in a similar situation (although not as lengthy) as you. My son was born a month early. Anyway, he's a wild, crazy 2 year old (yesterday) now. Hang in there, you'll be chasing them around your house before you know it! Your whole family is in my thoughts & prayers every second of every day!