Thursday, March 22, 2007

Daily Update - 22 March 2007

Madelinja is still scheduled for her abdominal surgery tomorrow. She'll also have her reservoir removed. Too many of the tests on her fluid came back for staph infection, so they want to remove it. She's doing well otherwise and wouldn't let go of my hand tonight for just about anything.

Masinja is still doing well. He's actually wearing clothes! They took him off the warming function and put some clothes and blankets on him to see if he could maintain his body heat on his own.

I got to catch up with T.M.M. and actually hold my son tonight. I can't even put into words how awesome it was. One of the nurses said that I "looked happier than a tornado in a trailer park." I was a lot happier than even that.

Well, it's probably going to be a long day for Madelinja tomorrow, but she'll be on track to actually getting to eat like her brother. I'm hoping that everything goes well and that she will be able to eat in the next week.

That's all from here for now.



Amy H. said...

I am so happy that both of you have now been able to hold Mason, I am sure it will be just as special when you get to hold Madeline. And clothes! I am saying extra prayers for Madeline today. Your in my thoughts...

toni said...

im glad you finally had a chance to hold your son. hope all goes well with madelyn. love you guys.
hope you got a picture of you holding him to. i cant wait to see the pics