Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Daily Update - 19 March 2007

Well, just as quickly things change, they change again. The Twinjas are both back on the original ventilators. They were both having pretty good days. Masinja was at 3ml of formula per hour, and at very low vent settings.

Madelinja was doing ok as well, although, it's becoming more apparent that her ostomies are in need of being put back together. They were becoming enlarged, and not looking so hot, so the doc is pushing the surgeon to re-evaluate her and get her scheduled.

Their eye exams went well. Madelinja is doing better than Masinja. He'll require surgery tomorrow. They'll take a laser and remove some blood vessels in his eyes to keep them from causing damage and making him blind. It'll be a long procedure, so we'll have to give an update when it's all done.

Finally, we'll end on really great news. T.M.M. actually got to "hold" Masinja yesterday. It was pretty awesome for her, and the nurse took pics, so we have to get them uploaded to the photobucket so everyone can see them. Hopefully we get a chance to actually hold them both soon.

Well, that's all for today.



toni said...

im so happy to hear everything is well. i hope masons surgery goes well i will be praying. im glad to hear cheri got to hold the baby its a great feeling. im so happy for the both of you.love you all

toni said...
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Amy H. said...

I am praying for Mason and his surgery today. I loved to see the pics of Cher holding the baby! Thanks for taking the time to update this daily!