Sunday, March 11, 2007

Daily Update - 11 March 2007

Masinja had another good day. He's doing pretty well with his vent settings, and appears to be pretty happy. He was just hanging out, and being a good boy.

Madelinja, on the other hand, has been a troublemaker for most of last night and today. She finally calmed down this evening, and was doing ok when we left. She was really sensitive to sound today, and got pretty upset every time she heard any loud noise. They actually had to move the baby that was next to her, because the crying was making her that upset. It was pretty hard to watch, because there wasn't much we could do for her. She ended up having 20ccs drained from her reservoir, lab work, x-rays, and a blood transfusion. Her vent settings were way up until this evening, too. They're still higher than they normally are, but not as high as they were this morning when we went in. Hopefully she'll stay calm overnight, and be a happier baby in the morning.

Well, that's all for now.


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Amy H. said...

Hey guys! Poor Madeline. I hope she has calmed down a bit today, not only for her sake, but for yours as well. Love to you all.