Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Daily Update - 7 March 2007

Masinja is doing ok today. He's resting peacefully, and didn't seem too distressed until they tried putting him on his belly. He didn't like it very much, so they put him on his back and he's been fine since.

Madelinja didn't get her reservoir out today. The neurosurgeon was concerned that he might do more damage removing it, than leaving it alone. However, we're still worried about it possibly getting infected. The doc is supposed to draw fluid off it tomorrow and have it tested to see if there's an infection present. Hopefully there isn't, because we don't know what the course of action will be to fix it, or what damage it might do.

Madelinja also had a dye test done on her bowels today. It worked pretty well, and the doc was pretty pleased with the results. However, we noticed that Madelinja developed a small lump in her lower abdomen, so we'll be waiting for the doc to tell us what it is. Hopefully it's not a problem.

On an upbeat note, we got to see their cranial ultrasounds today. Both looked to be making good progress with their hemorrhaging, and the doc thinks Masinja might be able to make it without needing a shunt. That would be really great if it comes true.

Well, that's all for this busy day. It's been stressful to say the least....


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